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Lights and Shadows

about us

About our Club

Xplorica is the official activity club of Future Institute of Engineering and Management.Xplorica provides education and practical knowledge beyond classroom teaching and helps to develop one self as an efficient engineer.Xplorica has stepped into its 8th glorifying year in 2017 and has expanded its wings to many technical, non-technical, photography and various other interesting fields.In its previous 6 years, XPLORICA has organized various events based on the above fields. XPLORICA organizes EXHIBIT every year at the beginning of the academic session where models based on engineering and science are made and demonstrated. To make the event more interesting, a fun element of it has been added to PHOENIX, the annual techno-management fest of Future Institute of Engineering and Management with an event called Junkyard Wars. EXHIBIT seeks true potential among students to make them better engineers.Further, XPLORICA conducts workshops throughout the year on a range of topics, many of which fall outside the normal academic curriculum which are a must to be at par with today's fast-growing technologies. The club also hosts the intra college mini-festival, YANTRA where students of FIEM can participate in various technical, non- technical and gaming events in a quest to win attractive prizes and certificates. XPLORICA also plays an integral role in hosting PHOENIX , the annual techno-management fest of FIEM, one of the leading techno-management fests among the colleges of West Bengal.



Exhibit is the first event organised by Xplorica to mark the beginning of an academic session. The main attractions include a Project Development Competition and a Photography and Project Exhibition strictly for the students of FIEM.

Advanced Manual Robotics Workshop

The first workshop organised by Xplorica in an academic session. It is conducted by the technical wing, Robomaniacs.This workshop provides knowledge on basic electrical and electronic components and their modification and usage in making a manual robot. There is also a live as well as hands-on demonstration session where participants are shown the basic steps to build a manual robot.Finally, there is a discussion on advanced robotics covering details on various kinds of manual robots like soccer-bots, picker bots, aqua robots, amphi-bots, wireless bots etc..


The mini-festival of FIEM! The moto of YANTRA? Be Creative! Consists of a plethora of technical, non-technical and gaming events for the students of FIEM. There are handsome cash rewards and certificates to be won for each event.This year on 4th & 5th NOV.Stay Tuned.

Autonomous Robotics Workshop

The technical wing of Xplorica, Robomaniacs conducts the Autonomous Robotics workshop as a part of Phoenix, the official techno management fest of FIEM .In this workshop, students are taught to work on microcontrollers and embedded systems. They are taught the internal circuitry of the microcontroller in details and also taught how to code on a given platform. Details are also provided on the different components required to build a fully functional autonomous bot. Line Follower, Wall Detector and Edge Detector Robots and their working algorithms are discussed. By the end of the workshop, the participants absorb sufficient knowledge to build a working autonomous robot.



Poster Designing

Editing,reporting and content writing

Autumn Photowalk

It is one of the most exciting photography events by XPLORICA.It is where the members walk through a pre declared route and take photographs on their way.The members are invited to bring their own camera (DSLR/Point and Shoot/Mobile/Film) for the photowalk. The Autumn Photowalk usually starts from the potter's quarter of Kolkata (Kumortuli) and ends at Espalanade. It is a 3 hours walk which covers all the activites happening in this area of the City of Joy just before the festivities kick in.

Basic Photography and Advanced Editing Workshop

The first workshop organised by the non-technical wing of Xplorica, Lights & Shadows. This mainly familiarises the participants with the technicalities of photography and the little tricks related to the art of photography. Popular photography genres are discussed. Stress is also laid on ethics a photographer should follow. Participants are also taught basic and advanced editing of photographs using popular editing softwares.

Winter Photowalk

The second photowalk of the session which takes place after the conclusion of the odd semester. It usually begins at Maidan and covers the Esplanade region.

Core Committee

Working Committee



“The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.”

Tapas Roy

Tapas Roy

HOD,Computer Science and Engineering



Year Plan 2017-18

Tentative Dates Events
1. 23 Aug 2017 Exhibit 2017
2. 3 Sep 2017 Advance Manual Robotics Workshop
3. 10 Sep 2017 Autumn Photowalk(Kumortuli)
4. 15 Oct 2017 Advanced Editing & Photography Workshop
5. 4-5 Nov 2017 Yantra 2017
6. 26 Dec 2017 Winter Photowalk
7. 10-11 Feb 2018 Inter College Coding Competition
8. 24-25 Feb 2018 Autonomous Robotics Workshop
9. 24-25 Mar 2018 Ethical hacking Workshop
1 20-22 Apr 2018 Phoenix 2018



Divyendu Shekhar



Avishek Tiwari



Our Wings

Xplorica mainly functions in three separate wings- A Technical wing,Non-Technical wing and Photography Wing. Robomaniacs is Xplorica's major technical sub-wing and on the other hand, Lights and Shadows, its major Photography Sub-Wing.

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