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Yantra is mini technical fest that is conducted every year by Xplorica, the Official activity club of Future Institure Of Engineering and Management. This year Yantra is stepping in 6th edition with all its milestones of success in hand. This tech-fest covers some iconic robotics championships which come under Intra-college category. This is a little footstep from the House of Xplorica to provide a platform to students for exploring the arena of technical extravaganza. Along with robotics, Yantra includes several events in non-technical and management field. This events are solely presented to showcase the talents from students in various forms, i.e. debate, art etc as well as to develop communication skills. But beside all these things, Yantra is funfilled with exciting gaming events. Again the photographers around FIEM have also oppotunity to present their lens-works through photography related contest. Attractive prizes make this mini fest a great point of enthusiasm. So in a nutshell, YANTRA is breathtaking with its grace. This is a golden opportunity for all FIEM students to excell in their fields through the platform of Yantra.